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Financing Overview

General Overview of our Financing Prerequisites

We have partnered with an international investment firm that has successfully funded projects, of all types, over the last 20 years. In order to qualify for project funding, the client MUST have CASH in their corporate bank account, in one of the top banks in the United States. In the US, the banks are Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citibank.

· For this program, NO other equity will be acceptable except for CASH, as listed above. We are not allowed to consider equity in any real estate or other asset.

· A client MUST be able to pass compliance and not have any red flags in their background (submission of CIS and passport/driver’s license). A Project Overview (maximum of five pages) must also be submitted.

· The minimum project size is $5M USD/Euro with no maximum funding amount.

· This funding comes in tranches and is suitable for any project that does not require a lump-sum payment (e.g., purchase of an apartment complex.)

· NO other collateral required – the client does NOT have to own the real estate or use any other asset as collateral. Purchase price of real estate shouldn’t exceed 20% of total cost.

· NO personal guarantees of the principals or sponsors of the project.

· The funding will come in monthly tranches or draw payments, depending upon the project completion schedule and available cash. We will review project details and customize the required draw schedule to successfully complete the project.

· Industries available for project funding – hospitality, multifamily (student housing and ALF included), renewable energy, oil & gas, airline, telecommunications and more.

· The consulting agreement for providing this funding REQUIRES a funding fee paid with each tranche (usually 5-10%). An Equity Interest in the project may be required.

· This program usually requires the repayment of the funds once the project is complete. The repayment schedule will be determined after review of the project. Ask us if your project is eligible for our non-repayment program.

· Funding can begin within 45 days of compliance and project approval.

· Program guidelines and requirements can change prior to contract signing.

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