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Financing Process

Financing Steps

Step 1: Client will complete a Customer Information Sheet (CIS) form, provide a Proof Of Funds or bank statement of available cash for the project, passport and Project Overview. Additionally, The POF or bank document will not require bank account numbers to be revealed. The review process can take up to 48 hours.

Step 2: Documents will be submitted for compliance and project review. If approved, an Engagement Letter will be issued to the Client, outlining the deliverables of the engagement. The letter will be completed within 48 hours after project approval.

Step 3: Upon engagement, a Term Sheet will be issued with specific details of the funding amount and timetable within 48 hours of receipt of the Engagement letter.

Step 4: After the Term Sheet is accepted, a Performance Indemnity Insurance policy re-insured by a Lloyds of London syndicate covering the principal capital will be issued and the Client will be the beneficiary. Policy issuance will be executed within 48 hours by the escrow attorney and sent to the Client.

Step 5: Once the Indemnity Policy has been sent to the Client, the Client will wire the principal capital amount to the trust account of the US-based attorney listed in the Engagement Letter. The execution of the non-recourse funding process will commence within three days of receipt of funds.

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